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Volcano Hybrid - Starter Set

145 €


The Volcano Hybrid Starter Set have the most important accessories for the Volcano Hybrid; the filling chamber, Easy Valve balloons and the whip for inhalation. Both the Easy Valve Balloons and the whip are heat-resistant and tasteless. The Easy Valve Balloon with Adapter is designed for reuse and lets you connect your own custom balloons to it.

This is the new version with a ceramic coated aluminium Filling Chamber.


  • Easy Valve balloons with mouthpiece (3)
  • Easy Valve balloon with adapter (1)
  • 1 m whip (1)
  • Whip attachment (1)
  • Mouthpiece (1)
  • Filling chamber (1)
  • Seal ring (1)
  • Normal screens (6)
  • Concentrate pad (1)
  • Cleaning brush (1)

Intended for use with: Volcano Hybrid.